Alright, so you like to drink.  I understand.  And now, after countless visits to the dive bars and the trendy restaurants, you need some amazing recommendations for top grade alcohol?  My friend, I know you so well.  If you keep reading a little lower…keep going you’re almost there…I just posted two delicious recommendations that are currently on our “awesome” list that you must try, they are that good!

What’s that you say?  Oh, you are so welcome!**

Youri Dolgoruki Vodka

Youri Dolgoruki Vodka

This is a Russian vodka, named after Duke Dolgoruki, the founder of Moscow. It is distilled at Moscow’s oldest, largest in the country and most famous distillery, Cristall. Cristall unveiled the premium Youri Dolgoruki vodka in a frosted-glass bottle that displays an image of the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral through a clear window in the packaging.

Distilled four times according to a very rigid secret recipe, the vodka is then blended with natural glacier water which has been pre-treated by a special patented process for the ultimate in purity. Filtration through native Russian birch charcoal completes the process. This unique care and attention to detail results in a vodka known to the world for its distinct character and smoothness on the palate.

For lesser quality vodkas we typically need to mix it with cranberry juice or some other element to suppress the harsh taste.  This vodka however presents a subtle flavor that is not unpleasant. Try it, you’ll be quite surprised.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

During one of our many trips to Colorado, Ian’s dad introduced this phenomenal 94 proof, small-batch whiskey that is only distilled in Denver, Colorado. In fact, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is the first microdistillery making whiskey in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains as well as one of the first in the country. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is the first of a new category known as “Rocky Mountain Straight Whiskey”.

The whiskey is made from a unique four-barley fermented wash that consists of carbon filtered Rocky Mountain water and western barley that is grown in the Northern Rockies. Each bottle is filled by hand and each label is hand written identifying the distiller, batch number, the youngest barrel in the batch and a unique comment.

Stranahan’s is no longer independently owned, as it was sold to Proximo Beverage Corporation. Details on the sale and what the structure of the brand will look like have yet to be released but in the  meantime if you are ever in CO you must remember to pick up a few bottles…if not for you then for us, we need more.  Thanks!

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