So I turned to my husband and said “Husband, what should I blog about?” (Yes, that is how we talk) and he turned to me and said “The furry children.”  And so we began collecting some of our favorite pictures of our three furry children: Kona, Suki and Jasmine.

Here is a little backstory on each:

Kona – Eldest of our three mananimals, she and her brothers, sisters and mother were rescued from under a house somewhere in LA. Her mother, later to be named Zoe, was only about a year old when she was…er…carelessly taken by a male cat resulting with a litter she was too young to handle by herself.  My parents decided to adopt the mother while Ian and I fell in love with the sick kitten in the litter who fumbled around with a shaved front paw due to having been hooked up to an IV.  It looked as if she had rolled up a sleeve.  We named her Kona as a fond remembrance of our trip to Hawaii, days filled with delicious Kona coffee.

Suki – A few months into introducing Kona into our lives, Ian and I felt strongly that she needed a little friend.  We found Suki as a tiny, dirty, greasy, flea-ridden gremlin in need of a good home. She had been found walking the streets alone in Inglewood. When we met her she was so happy to see us that she held our faces in her tiny paws as she licked our noses raw.  It was absolutely adorable and would make any heart melt.  It took a while to get her cleaned up and back to health but it was worth the process.

Jasmine – On our way back from a trip snowboarding in Big Bear we received a call from a rescue home about a small puppy we had called about before the trip who had been found in a tire in the middle of Tijuana.  The rescue home had originally told us that this German Shepard mixed puppy had just been adopted but the call informed us that she suddenly had to be returned since the family that had adopted her had a dog that tried to kill her in a jealous rage.  We stopped by the rescue home just to meet the puppy and fell so deeply in love (just look at the pics) that we adopted her on the spot, packed her up in the car with our snowboards and drove home.  Our major concern was introducing this small bundle of fur to the cats who reigned our household but that’s another story, for another time… :)

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